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Energy Intelligence keeps driving edge technology into creating simple, smart, secure, aesthetic products that make life better. That is the real meaning of smart home technology in modern society. Let’s step into smarter living environment for generations.

“Simpler and smarter than ever”

Livolo is known around the world as a leader in touch switch technology. We bring you exclusively this brand as part of our offering. 

LIVOLO with intelligent technology and creative aesthetic design, communicates love and uniqueness to the entire family. LIVOLO seeks to fulfill the dreams and aspirations of its customers by providing innovative and reliable products. Made out of tempered glass with innovative design and traditional installation.

Livolo series macedonia


Mixpad combines with the 4 interactive ways of Button click, Screen touch, Voice and App Control.
MixPad creates control rules in different distance, such as far, near, mid-range, etc., which
achieves an efficient and systematic interaction experience. 

Perfect combination of buttons and touchscreen
Customized UI suitable for Scenes to create excellent in-wall interaction

High sensitive voice recognition & efficient handless control

High sensitive voice recognition by powerful and functional HomeMate Apps.

Smart Video Intercom

Design, Uniqueness, Innovations – Slinex video intercom will forward the call to your mobile device

Keep your home extra secure with ORVIBO home security and alarm system.

Aviation-grade material with six ways to unlock

Full-range protection for your family

Create the right lighting for your home.

Smart Curtain Motor | Smart Blinds | Smart Garden Irrigation System | Smart Garage Door

It`s Time to Improve the Control Way of Traditional Central A/C.


with the latest design trends