ZigBee Multi-Functional Relay

ZigBee multi-functional relay is designed to control various motors and devices. The ZigBee multi-functional relay communicates with the ZigBee hub and receives ZigBee control signal. With the multi-functional relay, users can open or close railway curtain, electric window, garage door and  garden irrigation devices by HomeMate App on the smartphone.

Smart garden irrigation system

Watering the garden has become easier than ever, simply set the timer once and the Multi-functional relay will do the job. In case of a heavy rain, it will cancel the watering.

Smart Garage Door

If you like to have your garage door open automatically when getting home. Or have it shut automatically when leaving then this system for smart garage and garden door is for you.

And then there’s security. For people with kids, it’s great to be able to grant access to the garage with different privileges for different family members. And if the garage opens when it shouldn’t, you can get an alert, see a camera view of what is happening in real-time and even set off an alarm.

Sun-Shading System

Through the smart control and linkage of the curtain, air conditioner, window, temperature sensor and more devices, make the living condition much more intelligent, comfortable and energy-saving.


  • Three working modes: high voltage mode, low voltage mode, power relay mode
  • ZigBee automatic networking technology, no need to pair codes, easy to use
  • Supports making scenes
  • Power off memory function. No need to access ZigBee network again when power is off
  • Mesh networking. Transmitting data over long distances by passing data through a mesh network of intermediate devices to reach more distant ones, as a result, build more stable and reliable ZigBee network.


  • Model No.:  RL804QZB
  • Size:  70*70*23mm(L*W*H)
  • Power supply:  AC100V~240V
  • Max load current:  5A
  • Working frequency:  2.4GHz
  • Wireless Transmit power:  20dBm
  • Static power consumption:  <0.1W
  • Wireless receiving sensitivity:  ≥-90dBm
  • Protocol:  ZigBee HA
  • Networking mode:  ZigBee automatic networking
  • Encryption:  AES128
  • Distance:  no limit
  • Working temperature:  -20~60°C
  • Working humidity:  ≤80%