Smart Door Lock T1

Remote monitor & guard your home based on 3D digital sensors technology

  • 24-Hour Home Protection
  • Real-time State Feedback
  • 0.3s Touch Unlock
  • One Click to Enable Security Mode

Smart Door Lock C1

Full house intelligent linkage, with 6 ways to unlock and aviation-grade material

  • AI Fingerprint Protection
  • Remote Alarm
  • High Security Level German Double C-Class Cylinder
  • Compatible with Almost All Standard Door Bodies

Smart Home Kits

Multiple kits of security, elder care, lighting and more

  • For home security
  • For old people caring
  • For home central air conditioner control
  • For entry and curtain control
  • For improvement of home atmosphere

Smart Security Kit

Full-range protection for your family. 

  • Smart Alarm
  • Remote Reminder
  • Real-time View
  • High-Level Security
Security kit all

1080P IP Camera

HD camera monitor by 360° full-view navigation

  • Remote Monitoring in Real-Time
  • Support Two-Way Audio
  • Night Vision with High Video Quality

720P IP Camera

Remote live view by mobile phone, 2-way voice

  • High-Level Security
  • Sound Detection
  • Night Security

Motion PIR Sensor

Get alerted anywhere in the world if someone or something is moving in your home

  • Get timely notifications on HomeMate App
  • Synchronize with other ZigBee devices and create scenes
  • Ultra-low Power Consumption

Door Window Sensor

Real-time monitor the door & window status

  • Be notified if children access off-limit areas or someone breaks into unexpected
  • Quick do-it-yourself installation
  • Linkage each appliance to easily control your house (remotely close the windows, turn on/off AC)
DoorWindow Sensor

Temperature Humidity Sensor

Real-time detect and adjust temperature & humidity

  • Link with Air Conditioner to adjust the temperature automatically 
  • Enable the humidifier if the humidity is lower than the comfortable range
  • Take care of you and your family

ZigBee CO Sensor

Real-time detect & alarm on CO concentration

  • High stability and sensitivity
  • Sound and indicator alarm
  • Remote monitor the Carbon Monoxide concentration via HomeMate App
CO Sensor ZigBee

Wi-Fi CO Sensor

The CO Sensor that thinks, analyzes and alerts to your home.

  • Care about your health always
  • Multiple alarm methods avoid accident timely
  • Fast, sensitive and pricise detection

ZigBee Combustible Gas Sensor

Real-time detect & alarm on combustible gas.

  • Sensitive concentration detection to avoid potentional hazard 
  • Loud buzzing alarm – 75dB 
  • Instant APP message to remind you to take actions
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ZigBee Smoke Sensor

Real-Time Smoke monitoring to avoid potential risk.

  • Prevent smoke and fire
  • Flashind Red indicator and buzzing alarm
  • Remotely check the status via HomeMate App

ZigBee Water Leakage Sensor

Real-time monitor water leakage

  • Unexpected water leakage when you are away from home
  • Sensitive detection and timely alarm
  • Detect water level change to avoid accident and damage
Smart Water Leakage Sensor new

ZigBee Emergency Button

One-key alarm trigger for SOS purpose

  • Get alerted immediately if any accident
  • One-key alarm & Instant App alarm message
  • Applied at multiple places