MixPad 7 Multifunctional Control Panel

Support 4-loop light control. Easy to deal with all infrared home appliances control at home.

Support Zigbee, WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet. The strongest compatibility in the smart home industry, and soon fully support Matter.

  • Multy-person intercom
  • Multi-split calling

MixPad S All-in one Gateway Panel

Smart hub is the gateway of the smart home system, connecting multiple devices & building stable and secure home network. 

  • Perfect combination of buttons and touch screen
  • Sensitive and precise voice control
  • Multifunction HomeMate App

MixPad Mini

All-in-one hub for remote control of smart devices through voice, APP and touch screen control, simple and easy installation. 

  • Touch Screen and App remote control
  • AI Scene control
  • WiFi & ZigBee connection
MixPad Mini front

MixPad Genie

Newly updated 3 ways of interaction: Button, Touch display, App.

Multy-Modal, Four-dimentional interaction used by the whole family.

  • Wi-fi & bluetooth gateway
  • lighting control
  • IR remote control
  • AC control

ZigBee Mini Hub

Create your own Smart Home network with the ZigBee Mini Hub which allows you to control, monitor and maximize efficiency for over 100 different devices

  • 2-way feedback in real time
  • Local and remote control
  • “Simple Connect” for ZigBee automatic networking
ZigBee Mini Hub

Allone Pro RF & IR Hub

Smart linking bridge & hub for different kinds of Radio-frequency or Infrared devices

  • Control multiple RF devices of different brands
  • Support over 8000+ home appliances of different brands
  • Patent technology of real-time Cloud system

Smart Mirror

Smart Mirror is a bridge between the smart application system, user interaction and the smart devices. Provides Internet and Cloud service

  • Control all the smart devices
  • Display the daily information about the weather & protection alerts
  • Display for daily schedules
  • Play your favorite music and read the daily news
  •  Body condition overview
Smart Mirror